Experienced management

Delta’s management team has extensive experience in the oil and natural gas industry.

Minimizing risk through conservative strategies

Delta takes advantage of a highly conservative approach to investments, minimizing the normal risks of oil and gas exploration.

Significant Undeveloped Reserves

Delta enjoys significant undeveloped reserves in proven oil and natural gas-producing regions of North America.

Delta Oil & Gas is a small oil and gas exploration and production company focused on increasing net asset value by leveraging experience and modern technologies combined with strategic partnerships with industry leaders to maximize reservoir potential. As worldwide energy demands continue to exceed existing supplies, future price increases for these fuel sources are anticipated.

Our strengths include a solid foundation of strong land holdings, significant proven production, and experienced management. We seek to acquire and develop properties with undeveloped reserves that are economically attractive, and use geological and geophysical expertise to minimize the risk of oil and gas exploration. As a result, we create value and reduce risks through our approach to acquiring and developing opportunities.

Our Current Projects

Delta Oil & Gas chooses projects that are strategically located in proven natural gas producing areas of North America. The company currently enjoys land positions in the natural gas and oil areas of California, Texas and Oklahoma. Read about our projects in detail in the Operations section of the web site.