Hillsprings (past project)

Talisman Energy, which owns 50% of the Hillsprings land, has drilled four successful wells producing both oil and gas from separate zones. It appears that a new gas pool trends on Delta’s land in direct line with the existing Talisman wells.

Hillsprings map

Shown above is detail of area that will be developed, showing three of the four existing wells and the proposed new well on Delta’s property.

Delta Oil & Gas has acquired a 10% working interest in a 640 gross acres section of land in the Hillsprings area of Alberta, Canada.

The partners in this opportunity are Talisman Energy and Win Energy. Talisman owns 50% of Hillsprings. Talisman has drilled 4 gas wells adjacent to the Company’s lands.

It appears the Talisman discovery wells have identified a new gas pool that trends on Delta’s land. The proposed new well would be placed in direct line with the existing four wells.

This highly prolific area contains numerous successful, high-production wells. The proposed well is very deep. Deep wells traditionally have a much longer production life cycle than shallow wells. In addition, there is potential to drill 6 to 8 other wells on Delta’s land to further exploit the opportunity.